Articles, short stories, poetry, and essays in anthologies

Alphabet, in its issue of August 1966, published one poem illustrated with wood engravings by G. Brender à Brandis. 

A Miscellany of Prints & Poems. This anthology contains four poems by Marianne, and many wood engravings by G. Brender à Brandis.  (The Brandstead Press, Carlisle, Ontario, Canada, 1970.)

"The Christmas Candlestick", a short story published in Family Circle in December 1972. 

Four poems in From a Chosen Land: a Dutch-Canadian Anthology, compiled by Hendrika Ruger, published by The Netherlandic Press, Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 1986.

An untitled article in Canadian Children's Literature, No. 48, 1987.

"Rebellion: The Back of the Tapestry", an article published in Canadian Children's Literature, #84 (Winter 1996).

“Past Present: Imagining and Writing History”, in The New Quarterly, #84, Fall 2002.

“Virgin Crone”, an essay in Dropped Threads 2, published by Vintage Canada (Random House) in 2003

Between November 2011 and January 2014, Marianne wrote 24 articles about issues relating to the revitalization of the Market Square in her current hometown of Stratford, Ontario. They were published in the Stratford Gazette and can be found on the Market Square’s website:


“Artist at Work: Gerard Brender à Brandis, Wood Engraver and Bookwright.”

A bookwright is someone who makes books – the physical objects themselves.  Gerard, one of Canada’s foremost wood engravers, is also one of its best-known creators of limited-edition handmade books.  This detailed professional biography – the first and so far the only one – describes his work and its roots in many traditions, and the lifestyle he has created as the foundation and context that make the work possible.  It is illustrated with 25 of his wood engravings and 12 photographs, and it includes a checklist of his published work.

Though officially “only” an article, this biography is in fact about 80 pages in length.  It appears in DA, A Journal of the Printing Arts, Number 64, Spring/Summer 2009, published by The Porcupine’s Quill

This is Gerard sketching the Grand River for our book The Grand River / Dundalk to Lake Erie.  For further information about his work, please go to Gerard's website.