Earlier Work

During my writing career, I’ve explored different literary forms.  The general pattern is outlined in “The Author” but here is a compact list of the book-length works and chapbooks arranged by subject-matter, and with the publication dates included.  Chapbooks and other shorter works have been labelled as such, and all the others are book-length works.

I’m frequently asked what chapbooks are.  The origin of the chapbook goes back to the traveling peddlers of the eighteenth century (called “chapmen”) who often had a few books for sale: since they were carrying the merchandise on their backs, the books had to be small.  In modern times the term has been revived to refer to small volumes of poetry, essays, and other short literary forms.


Canadian history (fiction):

The Tinderbox (1982, 2003)

The Quarter-Pie Window (1985, 2003)

The Sign of the Scales (1990, 2003)

Fire Ship (1992)

Rebellion: A Novel of Upper Canada (1996)

English history (fictional biography):

Elizabeth, Duchess of Somerset (1989)

Modern times (fiction):

This Spring's Sowing (1970)

A Sense of Dust (1972) (short book)

Special Nests (1990)

The Christmas Candlestick (1993) (short book)

Swan Flying (2016)

Life-writing and other creative non-fiction:

Singularity (2000) (chapbook)

Making Light (2000) (chapbook)

Belongings (2004) (chapbook)

Finding Words: A Writer’s Memoir (2000)

Frontiers and Sanctuaries: A Woman’s Life in Holland and Canada (2006)

At This Point: a word-suite in six movements (2010) (chapbook)

Bill Brandis: A Green Old Age (2011) (chapbook)

Artist at Work: Gerard Brender à Brandis, Wood Engraver and Bookwright (2009) (long article)

A Pebble’s Journey: The Grand River Observed By Two Artists (2010)

With Books (2012) (chapbook)

The Grand River / Dundalk to Lake Erie (2015)

Under This Roof (2016)

Food, water, the developing world, and appropriate technology:

Thinking Big, Building Small: Low-tech Solutions for Food, Water, and Energy (2011)